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From Edwin Goei <Edwin.G...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: crimson enhancements
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 17:30:48 GMT
igel@surf-callino.de wrote:
> On 14 Nov 2000, at 11:36, Edwin Goei wrote:
> > As far as I know, it was decided recently that crimson will become a
> > top level project at Apache, but to be deprecated (as will Xerces1)
> > and that future development be focused on Xerces2, a new parser.
> but its part of jaxp1.1!!!

Yes, but the current long term plan is to move to Xerces2, but it's not
ready yet.

> [...]
> > I'm generally the person making changes to
> > crimson so you can post the changes to this list.
> k, here we go, hope there arent any problems about attachements
> in this group.
> the thing i wanted was to create better access to the dtd,
> especially to the element elements. however, the code i send you
> is not final. it works, but it lacks some features i better should
> implement as well. i would do this if there was any interest on this
> type of enhancements.

OK, thanks.  I don't have time to look at your changes right now.  Also,
a separate crimson repository is in the process of being set up.  Watch
this space for more info.


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