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From "Eric Ye" <eri...@locus.apache.org>
Subject Re: EntityResolver - too slow for use with schemas
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:50:19 GMT
It turns out the > 20 secs time was spent on the validation, it shocked me at first, but
after I opened you schema file, I know it is because the "all" model group you are using and
the way Xerces implement the all group:   basically an all group was expanded to choice of
sequences, in your case, there could be O(6!) sequences, so the content model will be huge
and takes substantial time to compile. 

so if it not absolutely necessary, don't use all group with more than 3 children.  

We really need to redesign the All implementation in the future.


Eric Ye * IBM, JTC - Silicon Valley * ericye@locus.apache.org

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  Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 11:06 AM
  Subject: EntityResolver - too slow for use with schemas

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  From: anthony.dodd 
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  Subject: EntityResolver - too slow for use with schemas


      I'm using an EntityResolver to resolve the name and location of my schema which is contained
in the same jar file as the xml source. (attached SRulesEntityResolver.java). Everything works
fine the xml source is validated with respect the schema. The problems lies with the length
of time it takes to perform the validation and arsing of the xml souce. Without the schema
the xml source is parsed in a matter of milliseconds with the schema included we're looking
at between 20 and 30 seconds. 

      Is there any way of speeding up the process, e.g. preloadng schema's using XMLReader,
or am I simply going about it the wrong way. Any help would be gladly accepted. I've attached
a sample of the xml source (TSTAT01.xml) and the schema (dax.xsd) associated with it. 

      I'm using xeces-j 1.2.0, J2SE 1.3 on windows NT 4.0 SP6, Intel P3 733Mhz.    

  Thanks in advance.
  Anthony Dodd


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