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From Marek Peca <ma...@ktf.cuni.cz>
Subject Is it possible to use server-side scripts with Cocoon?
Date Sun, 15 Oct 2000 10:20:58 GMT

<li> Is it possible to pass CGI-like script produced XML code to Cocoon
XSLT mechanism? For example, to XSL transform an output of Perl prog?
<li> Is it possible to do this with PHP output? I know PHP has some XSLT
support, but it would be great to use Cocoon features.
<li> Can I leave XML files untouched (not XSLTed) for certain user-agents,
such as XML-capable browsers and XML indexing robots?
<li> Is it possible to explicitly request wanted XSLT style from an
user-agent side? E.g. if the default style for newer JavaScripted graphic
browsers is rich designed one, but user prefers to view textual-only page.

Thank you

	Marek Peca.

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