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From LotusXSL_Team/CAM/Lotus%LO...@lotus.com
Subject Re: where is xalanservlet.jar?
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:46:21 GMT


Evidently we forgot to put xalanservlet.jar in the distribution. Sorry
about that. But the sources are there, and it is easy to build. Be sure
javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http are on the classpath (both to build
and run the servlet), along with xalan.jar, xerces.jar, and ant.jar. Then
run the Ant build with the "servlet" target. This compiles the servlet and
puts the class files in build/samples/xalanservlet.jar.

By the way, the class you call in the URL to run the Xalan-J 2 servlet is

-- Don

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The xalan samples documentation refers to xalanservlet.jar
which is supposed to contain DefaultApplyXSL. I can't find
this jar in the xalan download (xalan-j_2_0_D01.tar.gz). A few
months ago I used the DefaultapplyXSL class successfully. I
think it was in xalan.jar or xalansamples.jar.


Mark Norman

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