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From David_Mars...@lotus.com
Subject Re: nodeset error
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 17:04:07 GMT

Arvind Krishnan writes:
>I am creating a Stylesheet and I am getting the error saying that it
>cannot convert to node-set.
Cannot convert WHAT to a node-set? #TEXT? #RTREEFRAG?

>how do I rectify the error. I am putting the XPath mapping as part of
>the variable as in
><xsl:variable name="content_frame_invoices_invoice" select="/KLINVOICE"/>
The above would create a node-set containing the top-most node if that
node is named KLINVOICE. Is that what you meant to do?

>When I put this mapping in a particular variable this variable has a
>for-each statement and then also goes in loops to perform a particular
>task of adding elements.
The above is unclear, especially where you say "this variable has a
for-each statement" and you don't show one. Perhaps you should send
mail to xalan-dev@xml.apache.org with the whole stylesheet.
.................David Marston

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