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From Russell Castagnaro <russ...@synctank.com>
Subject Re: Some help for website hosting
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 06:13:20 GMT
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I use Silicon Valley Web Hosting.&nbsp; They have a decent price and pretty
good support.&nbsp; www.svwh.net
<p>Alberto Saavedra wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE><style></style>
<font face="Arial"><font size=-1>Hi
gurus</font></font><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>I am developing
XML search engine using Apache XML technology.</font></font><font face="Arial"><font
am looking for a provider to host my web site and I was checking all the
directories related and there are too many options.</font></font><font face="Arial"><font
am hoping somebody here could help me in my decision by recommending some
providers.</font></font><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>A few months
I remember there was a discussion about a provider with Cocoon support,
are there any others ? are they a good solution ?</font></font><font face="Arial"><font
am a bit disoriented since I can not afford a dedicated server and not
all shared plans have Java support, am I wrong ?</font></font><font face="Arial"><font
in advance for any help and sorry if the subject is a bit off topic</font></font><font
face="Arial"><font size=-1>Bye</font></font>&nbsp;<font face="Arial"><font
size=-1>Mask</font></font><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>asaavedra@grupobisa.com</font></font></blockquote>

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