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From Scott_B...@lotus.com
Subject Re: Xerces2 requirements
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 20:58:31 GMT

Ed & Ted, really good job on this.

> > 32     The parser shall support Java 1.1

It should be specified that Xerces2 is targeting Java 1.2, or 1.3.

> 13c     Some sort of way to tell if a SAX char buffer is going to be
overwritten, so data doesn't have to be copied until ...

Perhaps to expand on this... there should be some way to get to the raw,
unencoded character buffer for text nodes, and to have a way for the parser
to not encode the text if a switch is thrown.  The reason is for high
performance transformation when the input encoding is the same as the
output encoding, and the text doesn't have to be explored by either the
parser or the transformer.  Because of entity refs, this may be hard and
only able to be done with certain encodings.  The idea is to reduce the
number of character copies (and character encoding/decoding) that have to
be done.

Sorry, I know this sounds hard, but we need a way of super-charging certain
types of (e-business) transformations.

> 19     The parser shall support XPath.

Since I can't get to the archives, can someone tell me more what this

> 20     The parser should support XInclude.

I would like to see this be a hard requirement.

> The parser should support pull model parsing.

I would like to see this be a hard requirement.

> The parser should support RELAX .

On the surface, -1 for the core.  Could this be an add-on module?

> 28     Xerces Native API. The parser should provide a reasonable core API

I hope that the design of Xerces starts with these in conjunction with the
architecture diagrams.


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I'd like to call for a vote soon on "your" issues for Xerces2.
These are items 13a through 13f in

Do you have anything to add before I call for a vote?


-Ed Staub

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