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From "ZAHIR, Mehnaaz, FM" <Mehnaaz.Za...@rbos.com>
Subject How to join 2 XML Documents into one..
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 08:56:10 GMT
I have been on this problem for quite some time now.... the problem is like

1. templateXML --> I've one XML template -- type is 'Document'
2. dataXML --> and I've a business XML data being generated -- type again is
3. The above dataXML(2) needs to append itself, to the end of the
'templateXML(1)' document, before it can be processed by my XSLT....
4. So HOW do I append the (no.2) to (no.1) ?

I am trying the following approach...

	Element dataRootElement = dataXML.getDocumentElement();
	Node n = // here I need to convert the above 'Element' to Node
	Document doc = (Document) templateXML.importNode ( n, true );

So this will give me back the Document 'templateXML' appended with 'dataXML'
--- to be fed to XSLT to produce HTML.... But I am not quite sure how I may
go about it..... May this whole approach is wrong? Any help will be greatly

I have searched the faqs too on both the Sun's and Apache's site...  but to
no avail....
I am using Xerces 1.2.0... so I can use 'importNode()'....

Thanks and rgrds

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