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From burtonator <bur...@relativity.yi.org>
Subject ANNOUNCE: XJay 0.0.1 (XMLSchema -> Java object mapper (based on XSLT))
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2000 12:08:53 GMT
Don't know why I didn't announce this earlier.  

I spent one day last week writing an  XMLSchema -> Java object mapper. 
Basically it allows you to write an XMLSchema and then build an object
hierarchy based on the schema.

There are other mapping mechanisms available (Castor) but this has
different design goals:

- keep everything simple
- keep object mapping customizable 
    -add your own license agreement
    - change the package
    - change your methods, etc
- based on XSLT for easy customization
- very small code base

Since it is XSLT and the logic is based on Java different mapping
mechanisms can be easily added.  EX:
  - XMLSchema -> EJB
  - XMLSchema -> (insert your favorite persistence mechanism)
  - XMLSchema -> whatever object hierarchy

... basically anything that you want to constrain and that would be a
waste to do automatically.

XML instance mapping and population of the java object hierarchy is
possible but not implemented.

... just another comment.  The XSLT Extension Element facilty impl in
Xerces rules!  

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