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From John Robert Gardner <John.Robert.Gard...@east.sun.com>
Subject Xalan & Applet Wrappers
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2000 13:22:25 GMT
We've begun to work with Xalan on some internal projects and, wishing to go a 
bit beyond, I was hoping to get pointers/tails of triumph, for those who've used 
the aspects of Xalan which make it easy to include in a wrapper, call as an 
applet, or both as a wrapplet.  

For instance, invokine Xalan as applet through a browser and accessing files to 
be transformed on several different machines . . . has someone done this through 
a browser?  I've seen a _very_ nice GUI for Xalan from Eric Lawson at 
Isogen/Datachannel -- does anyone know of others?  Have any of these been 
implemented with a password/security protocol which serves as a gateway between 
the wrapplet and the actual input XML document instance?

Thanks kindly in advance,


John Robert Gardner
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Sun Microsystems Inc.,
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