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From "Thomas B. Passin" <tpas...@mitretek.org>
Subject Re: Problems finding schema definition
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 17:12:08 GMT
<Andy_Carr@tertio.com> asked

> I have written an XML schema (that makes use of the standard XML
> definitions) but am having zero success in getting the parser to find
> schema definition file.
> The top of my XML file looks like:
>     <?xml version="1.0" ?>
>     <GMI xmlns="file:///H:/Andy/Programs/Web/XML/GMI.xsd">
>       <ServiceTag>CSO</ServiceTag>
>        ...etc...
I don't know how Xerces finds schemas, but a namespace declaration does
not have anything to do with assigning schemas or anything else.  It
only gives you a way to distinguish names that might otherwise be taken
to be the same.  You definitely don't want something as changeable as a
file location on your own machine to be a namespace designator.

Tom Passin

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