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From Paul_D...@lotus.com
Subject <ANN/> Xalan-J 1.2.D02 Developer's Release posted to xml.apache.org
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2000 23:49:58 GMT

Lords and Ladies,

This release contains bug fixes and a Xerces upgrade - it now supports

This is also the first build to be build with the Ant build process, so
those of you
sick of using make files can find the new build files in the top-level
(build.bat, build.sh, build.xml).

The zip and tar files can be found in the following directory:

The following details are gleaned from the Release Notes that have yet to
be posted to the xml.apache.org website.

  For this release, we have applied several bug fixes, including   
  patches submitted by developers to Xalan Development Mailing     
  List. If you run across a problem with Xalan-Java, we strongly   
  encourage you to write a patch and submit it to us. We will      
  review it to make sure it doesn't break something else, and      
  (assuming it doesn't) include it in our next release. In the     
  interest of fixing bugs, adding enhancements, and addressing a   
  host of thorny design issues, we sincerely want (and need!) your 
  active participation in the ongoing development of Xalan.        
       The Xalan DTM (Document Table Model) was splitting text     
       nodes containing entity references into multiple nodes. We  
       have fixed this problem, and Xalan now treats the node as a 
       single text node.                                           
       Norm Walsh submitted patches enabling Xalan to accept URI   
       substitutions set by a custom EntityResolver.               
       Gary Peskin submitted a patch enabling Xalan to process     
       expressions with path steps following a union. As a result, 
       Xalan can now transform documents of the DocBook document   
       We now encode characters above 127 in URI attributes (in    
       some cases "garbage" characters were appearing). We are     
       still soliciting input on how to handle special URI         
       characters between 32 and 127.                              
       The use of position() in sort expressions now works as      
       expected, which makes it easy to reverse node order.        
       If a sort with the primary sort key fails completely, we no 
       longer perform a sort with the secondary key.               
       Sergei Ivanov submitted a patch to avoid including a minus  
       sign in an ID in the rare case when a negative number was   
       appearing in the ID.                                        
       We believe we have fixed XPath retrieval of attributes      
       qualified with a namespace prefix. Other namespace fixes    
       enable the name() and namespace-uri() functions to be       
       applied to namespace nodes.                                 
       Ed Staub submitted a patch so that a message about          
       processing instruction names now appears as a warning       
       rather than an error.                                       
       A thread-safety issue in pattern matching was identified    
       and fixed.                                                  
       The output of very small decimal fractions has been         
       We fixed a problem with keys that appeared when multiple    
       threads were using xsl:key concurrently.                    
  We also updated the build process (Ant and Make) to avoid        
  creating a copy of the source tree, and we placed the Ant tool   
  in a new bin directory.                                          
  Open bugs:                                                       
       When format-number() should format NaN or infinity, it      
       generates the wrong string if default strings are used.     
       Workaround: declare the strings in an xsl:decimal-format    
       instruction at the top of the stylesheet.                   
       A "not serializable exception" occurs when you attempt to   
       run a precompiled stylesheet that expects parameter values  
       to be passed in. If you encounter this problem, you should  
       forego the use of precompiled stylesheets until a fix is    
       The namespace::* axis only selects namespaces that were     
       declared locally on the context node. Inherited namespaces  
       are in effect; the only known flaw is the lack of their     
       presence on this rarely-used axis. The name() function,     
       when applied to a namespace node, returns a string that     
       disagrees with other processors, and the XPath spec is      
       vague on this point.                                        
       In a multithreaded environment, some threads may lose track 
       of xsl:key elements.                                        
       UTF-16 output encoding is not yet supported. Under Sun's    
       JDK 1.2.2, a suitable message is issued, but a stack dump   
       occurs under JDK 1.1.8 due to differences in                
       Implied HTML output (the output begins with <HTML>, but the 
       output method has not been explicitly set to HTML) is not   
       thread-safe, due to a "late" change of output method.       
       Workaround: put an explicit <xsl:output method="html".../>  
       declaration in the stylesheet.                              
       In some cases, exclude-result-prefixes takes effect even    
       when the specified prefix appears in sub-elements, causing  
       output of unresolved prefixes. If you experience this,      
       please adjust your exclude-result-prefixes attribute.       
       The id() function doesn't work in some complex match        
       If you specify HTML output and encoding via xsl:output, and 
       if a <HEAD> element is generated, then the encoding should  
       be represented in a <META> tag inside the <HEAD> element.   
       We do not put out the META tag nor any representation of    
       the encoding in this case.                                  
       If you are generating processing instructions (PIs) in XML  
       output, and you attempt to insert a literal "?>" in it, the 
       spec says that "? >" should be generated, inserting a space 
       to prevent interpretation as the end of the PI. We do not   
       take this special step, so "?>" is generated.               
       When outputting URI attributes in HTML, almost all          
       "control" characters below decimal 32 will cause an error   
       to be raised, rather than silently being discarded. Most    
       characters above decimal 127 will be output as that         
       character. Percent should be output as %25 at all times (it 
       is currently output as a literal percent); this will be     
       fixed later.                                                
       In a multithreaded environment, some threads may lose track 
       of xsl:key elements.                                        
       Need to verify which HTML element attributes should be      
       treated as URIs.                                            
  Bug reports that we have not yet confirmed:                      
       We have a report that passing a long string value           
       (somewhere over 128 characters) to a template via           
       with-param caused an overflow problem under Solaris with a  
       Sun JDK. We have not seen the problem under Sun's JDKs      
       (1.1.8 and 1.2.2) on Win32. Additional reports are welcome. 
       We have a report that external entities can affect xsl:copy 
       in a DOM input scenario. An external entity that had no     
       attributes was causing improper copying, and adding an      
       attribute fixed the problem. To date we have been unable to 
       create the bug situation in our lab.                        

Paul  - New build guy

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