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From ru...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: Nighly builds
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2000 12:37:32 GMT

> [Sam, are you subscribed to general@xml.apache.org?]

I was for a while, but dropped out.

> (of course, I want to place the jakarta folks in this as well,
> but we need to agree on something at the Apache XmL level
> before going on, so place your comments soon).

May I suggest a quiet and very relevant alternate home for this
discussion... alexandria-dev@java.apache.org?  Kevin Burton expressed an
interest in merging these two efforts.  I think that woud be an excellent

> Again, do not worry: we'll provide any required help to get Ant
> up to speed in your projects but we must follow common
> guidelines and have a certain building coherence among different
> projects, expecially those that depend on one another.

I am quite willing to help, both in making changes to various project
build.xml files, to Ant itself, and in building the necessary functionality
on top of Ant.  I can also contribute computing resources for executing the
various builds and posting of the outputs.

> Missed us in Orlando? Make it up with ApacheCON Europe in London!

Yes, please do!  <grin>

I had come to the conclusion that I couldn't pull this off by myself, and
was disappointed to not be able to form a "quorum" of Apache folks at
either JavaOne or the O'Reilly Conventions.

BTW - commonly requested features over and above the basic build and
publish are the ability to run regression tests, and the ability to
register an interest in a particular project and to get notified via e-mail
whenever the build fails.

- Sam Ruby

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