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From Anthony Dodd <AnthonyD...@synergy-fs.com>
Subject Bug - Xerces 1.1.3 XMLValidator.switchGrammar() incomplete error handling
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 08:45:13 GMT

	I'm using Xerces 1.1.3 and the DOMParser with defauilt features
which I believe sets the parser to a non validating one. I'm consistently
getting the following message being sent to System.out

	<namespace> grammar not found

	I've traced it down to some incomplete code in XMLValidator's
switchGrammar function. The attached code clearly shows some unfinished
error handling,  

		    private void switchGrammar(int newGrammarNameSpaceIndex)
		        Grammar tempGrammar =
		        if (tempGrammar == null) {
		            // Assume that this is a case were namespaces
are being
		            // used with a DTD grammar.
		            tempGrammar = fGrammarResolver.getGrammar("");
		        if (tempGrammar == null) {
System.out.println(fStringPool.toString(newGrammarNameSpaceIndex) + "
grammar not found");
		            //TO DO report error here
		        else {
		            fGrammar = tempGrammar;
		            if (fGrammar instanceof DTDGrammar) {
		                fGrammarIsDTDGrammar = true;
		                fGrammarIsSchemaGrammar = false;
		            else if ( fGrammar instanceof SchemaGrammar ) {
		                fGrammarIsSchemaGrammar = true;
		                fGrammarIsDTDGrammar = false;

		is there any chance some one can resolve this, and post the
fix somewhere so that I can pick it up. Also is there anybody who can
explain why the parser is checking for grammar when I'm assuming I've not
asked it to. 

		Anthony Dodd

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