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From John Robert Gardner <John.Robert.Gard...@east.sun.com>
Subject Hopefully Simple Q on SAX 2
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 14:01:56 GMT
I didn't see anything in the FAQ for this list, and I don't think this q is so 
specialized as to require the Xerces or SAX lists, as I'm looking for a general 
user's take on SAX 2 and Xerces, on behalf of a colleague's experience.  

The latest version of Xerces (1.1.3) includes samples that implement the SAX
1.0 interface, and yet include support and documentation for SAX 2.0. In
fact, the SAX 1.0 classes are marked as deprecated, so they obviously
encourage you to go with SAX 2.0, yet their own examples and FAQs still show
the use of the SAX 1.0 interfaces.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

john robert

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