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From David Barnes <david...@yahoo.com>
Subject Change from port 8080?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2000 02:56:54 GMT
Hello again,
Thanks to previous help - especially Walter - I was
able to get Cocoon running. However, it only runs on
port 8080 so isn't available outside the firewall. I
can change the firewall, of course, but is there a way
to make it run - along with Apache - on port 80? A lot
of companies only allow port 80 through.

I am using Linux 2.2 and the latest versions of
Apache, Tomcat, and Java. Config info is usually
available here:

I installed Cocoon following the directions here:
http://xml.apache.org/cocoon/install-case.html except
I changed Windows-specific to Linux.

I tried changing server.xml and server.dtd in the
tomcat conf file to 80, but this caused Apache not to
start (tomcat was already listening on 80).

If it makes any difference, the server is behind a
firewall and has a different IP address than the
public IP address.

Thanks for your help,


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