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From "Sam Ruby" <ru...@nc.rr.com>
Subject Re: Using JavaScript with Xalan
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2000 20:25:57 GMT

G. Angus McCollum wrote:
> bsf.jar and bsfengines.jar work if you are using Rhino 1.4R3. If you need
> want to use the latest version of Rhino, 1.5R1, then the version of
> and bsfengines.jar report the error below. You can solve this by getting
> latest version of bsf, only in source form, and compile it yourself.

And I've finally got a version of BSF that I'm happy with that I should be
posting today (both to CVS and in pre-compiled binary form).  This should
make some of the Xalan folks happy who have been pestering me (both politely
and patiently) to do exactly that.

Sorry for the delay...

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