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From Bob Van Cleef <vancl...@microunity.com>
Subject Re: Generation of Static Pages using the Cache
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 17:45:46 GMT

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Bob Van Cleef wrote:
> Conceptual question from someone who knows next to nothing about XML /
> Cocoon.... (Finally got the demos pages working last night.)
> Background:
> I support two web sites where the development work is done on internal
> systems, behind firewalls.  When things look good, 'rsync' is used to
> mirror the pages to external systems which are basically static. (Still
> decent response on Sparc2 systems. :)
> There are many perceived advantages to this, which could be discussed
> elsewhere.  Reading the Cocoon documentation, I came across the
> description of the cache function and wondered:
> Using Cocoon, is it possible ( practical :) to generate a "static"
> web site that can be mirrored to an alternate host for viewing?

I did not see/receive any response to this request.  Another part of my
problem is that one web site that I support is on a shared server that I
have no control over and does not support anything but static pages and
perl based CGI scripts.

Thus, I do development on one system using "pumpgen"
and simply mirror the files to the real site.  I guess what I am really
looking for is the next generation "pumpgen".

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