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From Bob Van Cleef <vancl...@microunity.com>
Subject Generation of Static Pages using the Cache
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:06:48 GMT

Conceptual question from someone who knows next to nothing about XML /
Cocoon.... (Finally got the demos pages working last night.)


I support two web sites where the development work is done on internal
systems, behind firewalls.  When things look good, 'rsync' is used to
mirror the pages to external systems which are basically static. (Still
decent response on Sparc2 systems. :)

There are many perceived advantages to this, which could be discussed
elsewhere.  Reading the Cocoon documentation, I came across the
description of the cache function and wondered:

Using Cocoon, is it possible ( practical :) to generate a "static"
web site that can be mirrored to an alternate host for viewing?

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