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From <cos...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:37:05 GMT
> If sun and other companies & individuals are willing to invest the resources
> for a xerces2 branch (and do it openly and objectively), i'm all for that
> option.

The only problem is that we _don't_ know if this experiment will result in
I remember at lest 3 different codebases for Apache 2.0, with different

> But by doing stefano's option, it creates a more 'open' arena to discuss the
> pros/cons of each of the parsers out there and _jointly_ develop a design
> plan for a new parser.


> I'd also like to see this be coordinated with the xerces-c developers since
> the source base for xerces-c is based on the original xerces-j.  it would be
> nice to keep the two parsers in sync so that changes to one parser and
> relatively easy to implement in the other.  plus, i haven't seen anyone
> comment on the implications towards the c++ parser by starting a new branch
> that could possibly become the new xerces-j.  [us C++ developers are real
> people too!]

I think C developers will benefit also from a clean modularization. Maybe
to the point where you could plug C modules into java and java modules
into C.
That is one of the goals in tomcat - to be able to integrate with Apache.

That doesn't mean you should use the same code - just the same patterns
and same interfaces. 


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