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From cos...@eng.sun.com
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 17:54:06 GMT
> Besides, if anyone (and people from Sun in particular since I expect
> them to be the best experts in the matter) would help improving Xerces
> performance over Hotspot it would be great!!!

I think the main problem here is the lack of clean interfaces and modular
structure in xerces, not the quality of hotspot. 

I think JDK1.1 optimizations are _great_, but should be used only with
JDK1.1, and not with JDK1.3 ( IBM or Sun). 

> You're completely missing the point. My point is that James argument
> that the fact that most bits come from IBM Cupertino proves that Xerces
> is too complex is bogus. This has nothing to do with IBM vs Sun. Read
> what I write not what you want to read.

Do you need arguments about Xerces complexity ? The fact that James
argument is wrong doesn't mean xerces is not complex. 

I spent some time with xerces, and I think I can give enough arguments
about it's complexity. And most of them go back to the lack of modularity,
lack of clean interfaces between modules.

> It's just that I have more faith in evolution than revolution.

Same for me! I think spinnaker is part of the evolution - it may ( or may
not ) contribute some ideas, and a way to modularize and separate the

One way to do that is to identify what's "core" parser, what's a
"module" that can be plugged into core and what's just a utility

For example, XMLEntityHandler ( in a cleaner form ) is part of the core,
the validation needs to be abstracted and moved in a module, and
StringPool, SymbolCache, most of the readers are just general utilities
that should be abstracted by interfaces.

I think the main goal for spinnaker should be to identify those
modules. The result can then be used on xerces ( or any other xml project). 

It is very hard to do experiments like that on the main branch. It is
possible ( see tomcat ), but it's very, very tricky. In the end, the good
code will survive ( and there's a lot of good code in xerces ).

( speaking for himself )

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