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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject [ANN] Xalan-J 1.1 Point Release posted to xml.apache.org
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 21:20:29 GMT
Xalan-J 1.1 is a complete reference implementation of the W3C XSLT and
XPath Recommendations.  We have a number of new minor features and several
bugfixes since our 1.0-level release.  Note however there are a couple of
minor but important changes in certain areas, especially file references on
the command line and URIs in HTML attrs: see the Release Notes for details.

To download Xalan-J 1.1, see (yes, the files really are there now!):

Xalan-J 1.1 works with Xerces-J 1.1.2 (note the new build!), and an
appropriate xerces.jar is included in the Xalan distro.

Build notes:

-- Open README.html, which takes you to the User's Guide in the docs
directory and the Javadoc in docs/apidocs. (Sorry, the text-only README is
not updated)

-- See the "URI attributes in HTML output" section in the Release Notes for
a minor but important feature we've added that we'd like some feedback on.
Also see "Updates to stay in synch with Xerces-Java" for details on file
references on the command line.

-- Compiled on WinNT Server 4.0 SP5 with Sun's JDK 1.1.8 with with
Makefile; zip and CYGWIN Tar/make utilities.

-- Ant fans take note: our build.xml is updated and appears to work quite
nicely, although we have not run our full testset against an Ant produced
build (and of course some of the output paths are different with the
'build' directory).  Note that the replace @@version@@ stuff in build.xml
is not enabled yet, since some people still use Makefile.

-- The doc and Javadoc are built with Stylebook and the JDK 1.2.2 javac and
javadoc tools.

-- The Xalan distribution includes xerces.jar from Xerces-J 1.1.2 as a

-- The sample applications are in samples/xalansamples.jar. See
docs/samples.html for the details.

-- Sources are from the trunk and are tagged 'xalan_1_1'.

Sorry for the delay, networks and firewalls conspired against us this week.
Oh, and Xalan-C will be posting shortly...
----    ----
- Shane        Automation, Test & Build guy
mailto:shane_curcuru@lotus.com  AIM:xsltest

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