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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject [ANN] Xalan-J 1.2.D01 Developer's Release posted to xml.apache.org
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2000 16:51:42 GMT
    --To Download ...
    --Description and credits ...
    --Changes since ...
    --Open bugs ...
    --Version of Xerces ...
    --To-do tasks ...

-- To Download Xalan-J 1.2.D01, see (note the new path!):
  Compiled on WinNT 4.0 SP 5 with Sun's JDK 1.1.8 and Makefile; are tagged

--Description and credits--
Thanks to Sergei Ivanov, Bernd Köcke (twice!), and Gary Peskin (twice!) for
submitting complete patches that we have reviewed and entered into the
code. In addition to the bug fixes, we added a new extension, the nodeset
function, courtesy of Gary Peskin (Didier Villevalois also submitted
similar code). The nodeset function answers a frequent request to be able
to cast a result tree fragment (RTF) as a node-set, so that you can perform
operations like for-each and count().

Thanks to Dimitry Voytenko, Naohiko Uramoto, Gary Peskin, and Elliotte
Rusty Harold for submitting other detailed bug reports that pointed out
specific code changes. These were also reviewed, and the changes applied.

Morgan Delagrange sent a patch regarding validation of the input document.
We applied the patch but found that it interfered with proper operation of
the id() function, adding yet another chapter to the story of our struggles
to get id() to behave. Scott Boag sent a longer discussion of the issues to
the Xalan-dev mailing list.

Kent Tamura sent a patch that attempted to fix the previously-reported
problem that the namespace:: axis only included namespaces declared locally
on the context node. As Scott Boag reported to the Xalan-dev list, the
patch worked for the DOM but not the DTM. It has spurred further research
on namespace requirements, uncovering various risks and issues. Further
work in this area should be directed toward making Xalan 2.0 fully

We have received reports from Rafael Valcarcel, Dimitry Voytenko, and
Sergei Ivanov that were detailed but didn't include specific code changes.
Volunteers are welcome to code full-fledged patches for these, but we felt
that these issues would best be cleared up in Xalan 2.0. If you have a
problem that is a "design issue" or is about handling of stylesheet errors,
please think about it in terms of the Xalan 2.0 code base. You're welcome
to look at the current state of the code at
http://xml.apache.org/websrc/cvsweb.cgi/xml-xalan/java/src and the Javadoc
at http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/apidocs/index.html.

--Changes since Xalan-Java version 1.1--

For this release, we have applied patches that a number of developers in
the community have submitted:

* Patch submitted by Sergei S.

* Patch submitted by Bernd Köcke: Fixed FormatterToDOM.java and
StylesheetRoot.java so can transform a DOM beginning with an Element-node
or DocumentFragment-Node.

* Patch to SimpleNodeLocator.java submitted by Gary Peskin: Fixes the
problem with complex XPath expressions including steps after a union that
were raising an access error and not returning the correct node-set.

* Patch to XMLParserLiaisonDefault.java submitted by Bernd Köcke: Changed
ProblemListener variable to non-static, so users working in a multithreaded
environment can can log errors from multiple ProblemListeners.

* Patch to FuncFormatNumb submitted by Dimitry Voytenko: Supplied missing
curly braces in an else clause.

* Patch to XPath.java submitted by Naohiko Uramoto: Increased
MAXTOKENQUEUSIZE from 500 to 2000 to support longer XPath expressions.

* Patches to XObject.java, XBoolean.java, XNodeSet.java, XNull.java,
XNumber.java, XtreeFrag.java, and XString.java submitted by Gary L.

* Some updates to XNumber to attempt to address formatting issues with

* We have not included other patches that we consider too risky or that we
think should be addressed in the scope of Xalan-Java version 2.0.

--Open bugs and bug reporting--

Open bugs:

* Text nodes with entity references are not handled correctly by the
Document Table Model (

* When format-number() should format NaN or infinity, it generates the
wrong string if default strings are used.

* A "not serializable exception" occurs when you attempt to run a
precompiled stylesheet that expects parameter values to be passed in.

* The namespace::* axis only selects namespaces that were declared locally
on the context node.

* UTF-8 output is improperly escaped in the 128-255 range.

* In a multithreaded environment, some threads may lose track of xsl:key

* UTF-16 output encoding is not yet supported.

* Implied HTML output (the output begins with <HTML>, but the output method
has not been explicitly set to HTML) is not thread-safe, due to a "late"
change of output method.

* In some cases, exclude-result-prefixes takes effect even when the
specified prefix appears in sub-elements, causing output of unresolved

* The id() function doesn't work in some complex match patterns.

* If you specify HTML output and encoding via xsl:output, and if a <HEAD>
element is generated, then the encoding should be represented in a <META>
tag inside the <HEAD> element.

* If you are generating processing instructions (PIs) in XML output, and
you attempt to insert a literal "?>" in it, the spec says that "? >" should
be generated, inserting a space to prevent interpretation as the end of the

* When outputting URI attributes in HTML, almost all "control" characters
below decimal 32 will cause an error to be raised, rather than silently
being discarded.

* UTF-8 output is improperly escaped in the 128-255 range.

* In a multithreaded environment, some threads may lose track of xsl:key

* Need to verify which HTML element attributes should be treated as URIs.

Bug reports that we have not yet confirmed:

* We have a report that passing a long string value (somewhere over 128
characters) to a template via with-param caused an overflow problem under
Solaris with a Sun JDK.

* We have a report that external entities can affect xsl:copy in a DOM
input scenario.

Outstanding bugs are recorded in the Apache XML

--Version of Xerces to use--

The Xalan-Java version 1.2.D01 has been tested with Xerces-Java version
1.1.2, and the appropriate xerces.jar has been included as a convenience.

You may experience unpredictable anomalies if your Xalan and Xerces builds
are not in synch.

--To-do tasks for future Xalan-Java releases--

The Xalan-Java team is hard at work on Xalan-Java version 2.0, which
represents a major redesign of the Xalan XSLT Processor. The main goals of
this redesign are as follows:

* Provide ease of access and usability of Xalan-Java, and encourage greater
participation from the open source community in the ongoing design and
development process

* Reduce code size and complexity

* Improve performance and simplify optimization.

* Produce more localized, less-intertangled modules

* Begin the adoption of the

For an overview of the 2.0 design, see

As part of the xml.apache team, members of the Xalan-Java team are also
exploring options to upgrade the integration of all the xml.apache
projects, including Xalan, Xerces, Cocoon, and FOP.

The more individuals who join in the design, development, testing,
documentation, and use of Xalan-Java the better for us all in the
xml.apache.org open source community! Watch the

(The above was mostly auto-generated from Xalan-J documentation with the
Ant build.xml 'notice-draft' target)

----    ----
- Shane        Automation, Test & Build guy
mailto:shane_curcuru@lotus.com  AIM:xsltest

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