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From "Ed Staub" <est...@mediaone.net>
Subject RE: [XRI] Xerces Refactoring Initiative
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 14:30:21 GMT
Sean T. wrote:
>If James is satisfied that the Xerces teams goals are aligned with what he
>is trying to accomplish (or close, at least), then "spinnaker" is as good a
>codename as any, but I definitely *don't* think it should be called Xerces2
>or anything like that.  Let that be decided based on its merits.

Here's another name to throw into the pot, which might be found more
connotatively correct than either Xerces 2 or Spinnaker:

	Xerces I had a son, named Artaxerces.

-Ed Staub

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