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From James Duncan Davidson <james.david...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 04:38:44 GMT
on 7/12/00 1:14 PM, Arved Sandstrom at Arved_37@chebucto.ns.ca wrote:

> Here in Nova Scotia we learn to walk at an early age: both ways to school, in
> the summer, uphill, through snow, for 10 km. But that's if you're lucky enough
> to have a nearby school...

He he.

> What are "buildings"?

Oh my. I just flashed back to college and regurgated my Thesis on the Built
Environment... But just in the nick of time I pushed back that urge 'cause I
would have been using all sorts of five dollar words and it would have just
wasted bits in any case...

Besides, out here on the mailing list, "buildings" are irrelevant.. Kinda
like PayPal makes ATMs look silly and clunky... :)


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