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From James Duncan Davidson <james.david...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: What name?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:39:34 GMT
on 7/11/00 3:53 PM, Joe Polastre at jpolast@apache.org wrote:

> ensuring dominance vs. committing resources is a different story though.
> sun (and other companies) have agreed to commit to work on xerces, yet we
> haven't seen anything from them until this spinnaker debacle.  public
> perception is a problem--many sun speakers at the javaone conference
> specifically said that xerces was "sun's code" and "primary development is
> being done by sun."  [this was in the sessions, not the apache bof]

And you didn't hear that from me.... And I seriously chastised any occurance
that I know of it -- and all I can do is apologize for that. I get *really*
tired of apologizing for some of the stupid shit that Sun people have done
though. :(

And the Sun folks have been looking at Xerces code for a *very* long time
trying to figure out how best to use/contribute to it. What you don't know
is that I spent the last 6 months or so trying to get the people here to use
Xerces, and dump all other development. But they convinced me that there
were issues that needed to be addressed. So...

But you're opening up Sun vs. IBM wounds again. And I don't really mean to
make them worse...

> just don't like the 'spinnaker' name... that's it =)  like i said above, it
> has a negative connotation to me... like xml4j was IBM's internal name,
> sorta seems like spinnaker is the same for sun.

Funny considering that Spinnaker has *no* code and wasn't a Sun name.... It
was my name. But I understand that people see that I'm a Sun drone... So..

But really, I don't have a problem with you not liking the Spinnaker name.
Actually, I like Sam's proposed XRI name. It's what it is "Xerces
Refactoring Initiative".


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