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From James Duncan Davidson <james.david...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: [XRI] Xerces Refactoring Initiative
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 20:31:26 GMT
on 7/11/00 4:22 AM, N. Sean Timm at stimm@mailgo.com wrote:

>> 1) Where should the design discussion take place?
> xerces-j-dev list.  Any particular subject may peak the interest of someone
> who isn't involved with the proposal development to bring more ideas into
> the picture and/or further collaboration efforts between Xerces and those
> working on the proposed replacement.
>> 2) Where should the design artifacts be placed?  When will they get there?
> xml-xerces/java/proposals/[codename]/docs
>> 3) Where should the code be developed?
> xml-xerces/java/proposals/[codename]/src

All sounds good to me.. :)

> If James is satisfied that the Xerces teams goals are aligned with what he
> is trying to accomplish (or close, at least), then "spinnaker" is as good a
> codename as any, but I definitely *don't* think it should be called Xerces2
> or anything like that.  Let that be decided based on its merits.

Most everyone who has started talking about goals has said things that are
very much aligned with the initial goals that were listed. So, yes, I'm
satisfied that we can sit down and complete the list of goals.

Spinnaker is as good a name as any, but then I'm biased... :) XRI is fine as
well. I'm not partial to a name that I dreamed up a few hours before I made
a post (and I've named too many things already in my life, like Tomcat and
Ant and Watchdog, to need the credit for naming it. Some of them I wish
hadn't stuck.. I won't say what those are.. :). The only reason I'd argue
for it over something like XRI is that the name Spinnaker has already been
picked up by XMLhack and lots of other people everywhere, including lots of
people inside organizations that are curious to see how this is going to
turn out. By keeping it Spinnaker, we don't confuse those folks. Other than
that, I'm not partial to any name -- just negative on any name that has a
numeric value in it.


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