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From James Duncan Davidson <james.david...@eng.sun.com>
Subject [spinnaker] XML Hack Article
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2000 22:47:01 GMT
The announce made the news:


A few comments:

I hope that Spinnaker could become something to ship in the JDK. I have to
be honest and say that if it doesn't come to pass, or doesn't happen soon
enough, then something probably based on Crimson will go in. Software
engineering reality. Anybody who has worked on a project with deadlines can
probably appreciate that. This is actually not my decision to make, there's
a group of people at Sun that will make that decision -- my only
contribution to that decision will be to make a good argument and hopefully
provide an alternative.

One of the reasons that I went off to start this thing was that I wanted to
get an ASF developed parser into the JDK. Personal bias -- personal agenda
-- personal want. I'm sure that there are people within Sun that are going
to question my sanity and judgement for this when we already had a perfectly
good parser with Crimson ("why go off and do something when we've got
this?"). I'm saying this to reinforce that this is a personal move and isn't
a Sun master plan for parsers.

Of course I didn't write the article or submit it.. Edd is a subscriber to
this list reporting on newsworthy things. And I'd like to thank him for
covering it and listing the goals of what I'd like to accomplish so clearly.


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