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From ru...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: [XRI] Xerces Refactoring Initiative
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 12:12:12 GMT

Sean T wrote:

> > 1) Where should the design discussion take place?
> xerces-j-dev list.  Any particular subject may peak the interest
> of someone who isn't involved with the proposal development to
> bring more ideas into the picture and/or further collaboration
> efforts between Xerces and those working on the proposed
> replacement.

+ 1

> > 2) Where should the design artifacts be placed?  When will they
> > get there?
> xml-xerces/java/proposals/[codename]/docs

+ 1.  I don't feel branches or separate CVS repositories are appropriate
for these types of situations.

The "when" question remains unanswered for now.  The answer(s) should
include publication dates for Andy's first draft design document.

> > 3) Where should the code be developed?
> xml-xerces/java/proposals/[codename]/src

+ 1

> If James is satisfied that the Xerces teams goals are aligned with
> what he is trying to accomplish (or close, at least), then
> "spinnaker" is as good a codename as any,

- 1.  At the moment, spinnaker is emotionally charged with the Apache
community, and is perceived externally as a new parser, not simply a
refactoring.  Whether any of this was an intended consequence, was
forseeable, or was simply an accident is irrelevant.  As silly as it might
sound, at the moment, the name itself is counter productive.

I'm suggesting XRI as a technically accurate - and intentionally boring -

> but I definitely *don't* think it should be called Xerces2 or
> anything like that.  Let that be decided based on its merits.

+ 1

- Sam Ruby

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