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From ru...@us.ibm.com
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Can't we all work together?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 01:44:22 GMT

I'm looking forward to the day when episodes such as these are met with a
collective rolling of our eyes with an exclamation of "there _Duncan_ goes
again", instead of <expletive deleted> "there _Sun_ goes again".

Meanwhile, this whole conversation is reminiscent of my two kids - "Dad -
she's ignoring me!" - "He ignored me first!" - "did not" - "did too".

Whatever.  Let's close that chapter.

Lets proceed with *ONE* branch of *ONE* CVS tree.  Lets ensure that *ALL*
the people with good ideas and are motivated to contribute get the
necessary karma.  Existing Xerces members, please mentor these newcomers
and encourage all noncontroversial value add to go immediately and directly
into the primary code base.  People who aren't existing Xerces members,
please be patient - if believe you have a good idea but are having a
difficult time selling it, please put the code into

This way, the code can all evolve together and can freely steal from one
another.  I've seen it done in Tomcat with Catalina.  One of three things
will occur:

1) Spinnaker will die a well deserved and ignoble death.  There will be
much rejoicing by all.

2) Enough good ideas from Spinnaker will migrate into Xerces proper to the
point where Spinnaker becomes irrelevant.  Life will go on.

3) Spinnaker will take over.  There will be much rejoicing by all.

Best of all, most of the internal code which should be independent of the
overall structure will become more so.  Much of what once was core
functionality will evolve into plug-ins of one form or another.  This will
make life much easier for the next person with a bright idea on how to
improve things.

- Sam Ruby

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