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From ru...@us.ibm.com
Subject [spinnaker] proposal: move spinnaker to xml-xerces/proposals /spinnaker
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 20:49:53 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> All Tomcat, Xerces and Xalan didn't start as Apache projects and
> their development community was _imposed_ and did not emerge
> from the community of volunteers.
> For Tomcat, the Sun people were working in the open like they
> normally did before the deal: they just had to show their results
> on a public CVS every day.
> Then some people got really frustrated by that and started to take
> over,  cleaning up, doing things, answering questions, volunteering
> for release  coordination, blah, blah. That guy was Sam Ruby from
> IBM. That guy started distributed development for the tomcat team:
> they could not have a morning meeting to decide something, they
> needed to contact Sam, then others.
> In both Xerces and Xalan, this hasn't (yet) happened.

Thanks for the kind words.  I'll also take my share of responsibility for
this - I helped prod Duncan into action.  Comments were made about the lack
of volunteers outside of IBM/Lotus for Xerces and Xalan and I indicated
that if somebody saw this as an issue, they should get involved.

I do see the parallel to Craig's catalina - with one difference.  See

> Is it wrong to give it another codename? probably.

I disagree.  Catalina

> Is it wrong to place it in another CVS module? probably.

Yes, it is wrong.  Nobody, even an ASF member, should be able to
unilaterally create a new project without giving others an ability to vote
on the issue.

> Is it wrong to go off without asking first? probably.

Not clear - It is often easier to get forgiveness than permission...

So, let me start off another option:

> 1) we forget about spinnaker

No, lets just move it into xml-xerces/proposals/spinnaker.  This parallels

> 2) we create a new CVS branch under xml-xerces where Xerces2
> should  reside

-1.  This is not Xerces2, it is a proposal.  It has to fight for the right
to exist based on merit.

Also, a separate directory structure is preferred.  Branches are hard to
merge; a separate directory can be used to track the changes.

> 3) in case, we create a xerces2-dev mail list

Spinnaker-dev perhaps, but I prefer the convention of using [spinnaker] on
the xercesj dev list, to maximize cross polination.

- Sam Ruby

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