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From "Roytman, Alex" <roytm...@peacetech.com>
Subject Xalan Extensions & Tomcat Class Loader
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:18:49 GMT
I use Xalan with Tomcat. When I add all my classes to tomcat's class path
everything works fine. When I put system level jars (like Xerces, Xalan
etc.) in tomcat classpath and my application jars in web-inf\lib
directory my Xalan extensions (which are in application jars) stop working.

I think this is what's happening:
 - xalan.jar gets loaded with the rest of tomcat jars by the its "main"
class loader
 - application jars (where my Xalan extensions reside) are loaded with
different class loader 
 - extensions classes can not be accessed by Xalan 

I would not want to have separate xalan.jar for each tomcat "context"
I would not want to move all my extensions from all of my projects
("contexts"), bundle them together and load via tomcat's class path

Can someone suggest better approach?

Thank you in advance

Alex Roytman

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