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From Tobias Wahlström <tobias.wahlst...@pricerunner.se>
Subject RE: Namespaces after XSLT processing
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2000 14:37:36 GMT

>Tobias asks:
>>Does anyone know the status of namespace support for Xalan?
>That's quite a broad question. The latest version of Xalan has
>been subjected to over 100 tests that involve namespaces in
>some way, and has a couple minor bugs reported in the release
>notes. That's not to say there aren't other bugs yet to be
>found, or bugs seen by stylesheet developers that would be
>fixed in the parser rather than Xalan.

Ok I will be more precise. I have used XSLTProcessor as a DocumentHandler to
process an XML document produced by a home-made parser. The DocumentHandler
interface do not support namespaces. The output from the XSLTProcessor is
handled by another DocumentHandler. I would like to use the interface
ContentHandler which have namespace support to do this. 

>Were you asking about recognizing namespaces on the input
>side or inserting namespace declarations in the output?
>If you think you have a bug to report, send details to the
>xalan-dev list, or xerces-dev if it's a parsing problem.

I miss the namespace support in the layer after the XSLT processor.
I have not found a bug.

>>SAX 2.0 support?
>This is planned for Xalan 2.0, which is progressing.
>.................David Marston

Any idea when there will be an beta release or so?


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