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From Rajiv Mordani <rajiv.mord...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 21:11:35 GMT
Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> >
> >     * Crimson isn't so optimized, yet it runs about as fast as Xerces
> >       does on modern VMs such as HotSpot. The HotSpot team told us
> >       that heavily optimized code for 1.1 would not benefit under
> >       HotSpot. We have the proof now. In fact, there's cases where
> >       it seems that Xerces slows down.
> So far the only proof I've got is that Hotspot miserably fails on
> Xerces. This means to me that Hotspot has a problem, not xerces.

That isn't true. There is also a problem on running it on Solaris. The
results are different on windows and on Solaris. Pier has seen this
himself. It isn't just HotSpot but also the OS and the environment that
it is run in. Infact we have discussed this over lunch also Arnaud if
you remember (James, Ed, Mike Pogue you and I).

> >     * However, because Xerces was heavily pre-optimized, its
> >       extremely complex to understand and delve into. I think
> >       that this is best reflected in that most of the bits that
> >       go into Xerces come from IBM Cupertino.
> Not so. What you're refering to as "IBM Cupertino" is hardly a fixed set
> of people. We've actually had a lot of turnover and we keep getting new
> people involved in this project all the time. This hasn't prevented any
> of them to contribute significantly. The only reason most bits come from
> IBM is that nobody else has comitted as many resources to this project.

That isn't the only point - the other thing is that since most of you'll
work in the same office there is a lot of things that happen in there
that should be actually done on the mailing lists. I don't remember
seeing a mail going out proposing the implementation of schemas for e.g.
The only info that was sent out is that the repository will be a little
unstable for the next few days as schema support is being added to
xerces so please use the tagged version of the workspace.


- Rajiv

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