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From GOMEZ Henri <hgo...@slib.fr>
Subject RE: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2000 06:25:20 GMT
Seems this announce turn in a IBM vs SUN position war.

Please gentlemen, don't use OpenSource projects as a battle ground.

Xerces is a nice tool and if it works better on IBM JVMs than on Sun JVMs, 
we all understand that programmers allways optimize code for their
platform (here the in-house IBM JVM).

In my early days in computer programming, my teacher says that the compiler
must be adapted to programmers and not the reverse. Did we have to change
coding style to adapt to HotSpot JVM ?

Did the Java community will have to be splitted in two teams. One using and
for Sun's JVM (à la hotspot) and others using IBM's JVM ?
Did you forgot (at Sun & IBM) the 'Write Once Run Anywhere' credo ?

If Xerces code is complicated, Ok, help Xerces team to polish it. There is 
many parts of OpenSource code around the world which is hard to read but
it WORKS. All our End users are much more concerned by response time than
by the beauty of underlying software coding.

We are many annoyed to see more and more Apache Group projects started and
by commercial companies. Did Spinnaker have to be another one ? 


PS: I'm not IBM related ;-)


"Patricia, mon petit... Je voudrais pas te paraître 
vieux jeu ni encore moins grossier. 
L'homme de la Pampa parfois rude reste toujours 
courtois mais la vérité m'oblige à te le dire : 
ton Antoine commence à me les briser menu !"

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