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From "Jeffrey Rodriguez" <jeffreyr...@hotmail.com>
Subject Xerces 1.1.3 release announcement
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2000 06:24:54 GMT

This note is to announce the availability of the Xerces 1.1.3 release.

This is a source and binary release, and incorporates the following:

New Features
Added "anyAttribute" support for Schema. [ericye]
Added "xsi:type" support for Schema. [ericye]
Added full equivClass support for Schema. [ericye]

Bug Fixes
Fixed "form" attribute behavior to be fully compilant with Schema Spec. 
Fixed "xml:space" bug in DTD validation. [ericye, andyc]
Expanded "any" element support to model groups. [ericye]
Fixed "any" element bugs when there are multilple URIs. [ericye]
Cleaned up XMLValidator. [ericye]
Fixed misc. Schema bugs. [ericye]
Fixed resolving Schema location bug in XMLValidator. 
[David.Blankenship@kla_tencor.com, ericye]
Fixed for BUG:SAXParser endElement reports incorrect local name. [jeffreyr]
Fixed DOM Java Serialization-previous fix did not work. [jeffreyr]
Added testcases under test to test DOM Java Serialization. [jeffreyr]
Added James Duncan fix suggestion to not compile RevalidatingDOMParser. 
[James Duncan, jeffreyr]
Miscelanous DOM enhancements [lehors].
Fixed parameterizes entities in XMLDTDScanner. [jeffreyr]
Fixed bug reported by Philippe MOUAWAD, on XMLContentSpec toString method. 
Fixed problem with DTD validation when namespace is supported is on. 
Fixed bug reported by Michael Brundage in StringReader. [jeffreyr]
Miscelaneous fixes in serializer package [ A. Arkin]

You can download the release from http://xml.apache.org/dist/xerces-j/


            Jeffrey Rodriguez
            IBM Silicon Valley
            XML Development

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