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From "Jeffrey Rodriguez" <jeffreyr...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 04:21:14 GMT
Hi Mr. Davidson,

You said,

>So why hasn't this been public? Why did I have to take a hammer to start a
>discussion about next versions? Why are your own developers aksing "Why
>should we start a new look?"
>Now I'm really confused. :)

We started a separate branch about a month ago(06/07/2000) as a way to 
experiment and to mature ideas on the design of the next Xerces 2 parser. We 
put some of our initial work under cvs
and checked in the source under tag  xerces_j_2.

All this work was publicly available under cvs thought it was not
announced in the mailing list.

The main reason was that we wanted to mature the design first and
come out with a modular, more maintenable, more pluggable design, rather
than some half cook idea.

We started this design directly from scratch and we planned to have
it for public review after the end of the month, or as time allows since 
there is still plenty of work to be carry in the current Xerces

Don't be confused! I am one of the Xerces developers and I have never
questioned in this forum about thinking on a new design for a future Xerces 
parser, quite at the contrary we are thinking on the future
of Xerces and our community of developers and users.

There are also other issues that we need to think, our Xerces-j is
not just a separate entity in the xml-apache group of projects. All
other projects in this group have a dependency on our project. We need to 
think about the users of Xalan, XML-C, etc., and we also need
to think about all the users of Xerces whose products depend on Xerces

I would like to said that I hope all this inflamatory discussions need
to calm down. We all need to work together and should look beyond
our personal prejudices for the good of our community and the future
of Xerces.


               Jeffrey E. Rodriguez
               Xerces Developer
               IBM Silicon Valley

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