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From "Jeffrey Rodriguez" <jeffreyr...@hotmail.com>
Subject Re: Strange method names...
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2000 00:58:24 GMT
Mr. Wahlström,

>was trying to use the class org.xml.sax.Attributes (provided in the
>xerces.jar file with xalan) the method getRawName() didn't existed, but
>another (undocumented?) method named getQName(). When I am trying to

Such method, getRawName(), does not exist in Xerces but there is
a method getRawName in Xalan ( package org.apache.xalan.templates.AVT).

This class, AVT, is used in Xalan to  hold attribute value templates.

The getQName is not related to the getRawName() method, getQName() is
a standard SAX API call from the org.xml.sax.Attributes class
which is part of the standard SAX api straight from Meggison's
SAX definition. This class is used for attribute list with
namespace support. getQName method is used to look up an attribute's XML 1.0 
qualified name by index.

>class org.w3c.dom.DOMImplementation (also provided in xerces.jar) the
>createDocument(3 parameters) doesn't exists either.

It seem like you have a problem with your build or your classpath.

If DOMImplementation  class would not exist the DOM Parser would not work 
and that is not the case.

I have a very similar setup that what you have and I am running this
in my laptop and I am not able to reproduce your claim.

I would suggest that if you are doing a build from source to pay
attention to any error messages.

If you are just using the jar files provided check that you don't
have any other jar file that may conflict. Just to make sure put
the xerces jar first, and the xalan jar second.

I hope this helps,

               Jeffrey Rodriguez
               IBM Cupertino

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