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From "Christopher Elkins" <celk...@scardini.com>
Subject Re: javax.xml support
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 02:37:42 GMT
> Does current release of Xerces-J comply with Sun's javax.xml specification?
> I use two Apache technologies: Tomcat and Xerces. Tomcat currently does XML
> parsing through javax.xml API; so I'd like to know if I can use Xerces as
> javax.xml-compliant parser with Tomcat?
Yes, the current release of Xerces (i.e., version 1.1.2) is JAXP-compliant. Yes,
you can use this version of Xerces with Tomcat, assuming you are using a recent
build of Tomcat from the CVS repository (i.e., not Tomcat 3.1).

> ┼▒Also, did you notice you don't have Xerces Users mailing list listed on the
> mailing list pages of xml.apache.org? (That's why this question was
> targetted to this list)
This has been a subject of recent discussions. I imagine such a list will appear

> Cheers,
>   Attila.

Christopher Elkins

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