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From "Eric Ye" <eri...@locus.apache.org>
Subject Re: parser-next-gen goals, plan, and requirements
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 00:48:42 GMT
I worked on validation a lot, from my erperience, I would like to see following implemented
in the next generation parser(not yet prioritized):

- Grammar caching, pre-compiled grammar can be cached to validate instance documents over
and over again without re-reading the DTD and Schema file or even compile it.

- W3C Schema support, both Structures and Datatype, more and more application is asking for
schema validation.

- A configurable parser, in line with the requirements of Modularity and pluggable Validator
somebody posted before, not only should validator be pluggable, but also if there is a need
for a parser without validation at all, there should be some parser configuration really lightweight
and just scann, check well-formedness and  generate SAX2 events.  or even fansier, the brand
new functional module can be plugged in between components as long as it implements certain

- Write validation of a DOM tree or revalidation

- Grammar access for both DTD and Schema.

- flexible packging, especially make available small footprint package

- mid to upper range validation performance across all JVMs.

- of course, code should always be readable and maintenable.

- more documentation on the Apache web site not only for users but for DEVELOPERs.

- testcases for both conformance and benchmarking. 

Just my 2 cents, suggest whoever start this thread(sorry, just too many messages, can't keep
up) should  gather all the requirements and put it somewhere in the CVS first,  

Eric Ye * IBM, JTC - Silicon Valley * ericye@locus.apache.org

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