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From "Edwin Goei" <Edwin.G...@eng.sun.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] Announce
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 20:19:47 GMT
> I think this is the key - there is nothing wrong with using any and all
> we can from Xerces. But if we say this is Xerces 2, or even assume that,
> we have to justify /not/ using Xerces code. I think this is the exact
> reverse - I think all code, from day one, needs to be justified to /go
> into/ the tree - that keeps a lean, mean, clean API (excuse the Mr. T
> type string of adjectives).

Yes, I agree 100%.  I think we need to justify that code should go into an
implementation rather than the reverse.

> I know at JDOM we have been looking at going to Project X or a newer,
> tiny little parser called Spitfire - not because we are unhappy with
> Xerces, but because of (a) its size and (b) its complexity to work
> within [the code, not the usability]. I would love to see Spinnaker
> prosper (and plan to help it do so), and if it becomes Xerces 2, that's
> great! But I think it is foolish to set this as an initial requirement.

Spitfire, haven't heard of it.  Do you have a pointer?


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