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From "Andy Heninger" <an...@jtcsv.com>
Subject Re: What name?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:01:25 GMT
=From: "James Duncan Davidson" <james.davidson@eng.sun.com>
To: <general@xml.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: What name?

> on 7/11/00 2:57 PM, Arnaud Le Hors at lehors@us.ibm.com wrote:
> > Obviously I disagree with you on what you said about the name Xerces.
> > Xerces is a recognized name and I believe there are more benefits in
> > sticking to it than not.
> For a shipping parser, yes there are benefits. For an experiment....
> .duncan

The Xerces name was the result of a lot of searching for something that
didn't conflict with already existing software products or companies.
This wasn't an easy task; nearly everything remotely cool is already

For a purely internal Sun project code name, this wouldn't matter.
But for a public Apache project, I think that conflicts are a

Here's some hits from a quick web search on Spinnaker.

   -- Andy

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     Spinnaker Software Solutions

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      Welcome to our homepage dedicated to Add-ins for users of Microsoft Office. 
      We specialize in Custom Add-ins for MS Excel Spreadsheets which we write for specific
needs in the  Microsoft Office environment. The add-ins are developed in close cooperation
with the customer resulting in a product that truly suits your needs. We believe this is the
key to the success of our custom excel add-ins. 

      Our Freeware and Shareware page features examples of our Excel Add-ins targeted towards
list/dbase management. We feel that they fulfill a need not currently met elsewhere. Try some
add-ins for yourself and let us know what you think. When you have suggestions regarding our
MS Excel Add-ins, please send us a  message. We will continue to develop new Add-ins based
on your feedback.

      Spinnaker Alerts is an Excel Add-in that provides pop-up messaging, audio messaging,
paging, and logs of critical values in your spreadsheet.

      Our add-ins can be expanded into full fledged custom applications as illustrated by
our Fuel Tax Program, an Excel Add-in developed for the transportation industry.

      If you have suggestions or need a custom programming solution for Microsoft Office,
please send a message to getinfo@spinnaker.org.

      Home | Custom Add-ins | Free/Shareware 97/2000 | Registration | Spinnaker Betas | Spinnaker
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            Built-in script language
            Native access to local and SQL databases
            User profiles and security groups
            Message conferences and file libraries
            Built-in database applications
            Create applications in script code or C++
            Write script and HTML in the same file
            Stand-alone server for Win95, WinNT
            Does not require NT Server
            Does not require browser plug-ins
            Complete package just $249  

      With Database integration, a built-in scripting language, new application examples,
enhanced Intranet features, and a new low price, Spinnaker 3.0 is fast becoming one of the
hottest active Web server platforms for Windows NT and Windows 95. 

      Since its introduction, Spinnaker has helped set the standard for active server platforms
-- Web servers that could do more than simply serve HTML documents and graphics. Our latest
release adds a powerful new database component, new scripting features, and new standard applications.
And at a new low price of just $249, Spinnaker is the best active server value anywhere. 

      Succeed with Active Server technology
      The first question a lot of people have about Spinnaker is "why should I pay for a Web
server, when vendor X will give me one for free?" The answer is that Spinnaker's active server
technology means it can do much more than the free servers others provide. 

            You've got a Grade A webserver. I've used them all: Apache, Netscape Enterprise,
IIS, etc. None has the built-in features of Spinnaker. 
            Jason Lester
            Abingdon Online

      Have you ever visited a Web site that lets you search for something by typing in a word
or phrase? Or a site where you can browse a catalog and create an order form online? How about
a "virtual postcard" server? Have you ever wanted to create sites like these yourself, and
wondered how it's done? 

      Creating an interactive site involves more than just HTML, because HTML (even when it's
enhanced with JavaScript) can't interact with a server. That means it can't do things like
search a database or build an order file. Features like these require active servers: Web
servers that execute programs or program-like scripts, building Web pages "on the fly" in
response to the user's inputs. 

      Spinnaker is different from other Web servers because it was developed from the ground
up to be a high-performance active Web server, with built-in support for server-side programming
and scripting, database access, and Intranet features. With Spinnaker you can build interactive
Web sites that go beyond HTML and deliver the functionality your business needs. 

      Build Database-Driven Sites
      With Spinnaker, you can build Web sites that use your existing databases. Spinnaker
can open most file or server-based databases, including: dBase, FoxPro, Paradox and Access
tables; any ODBC data source; and databases on the following SQL servers: Sybase, MS-SQL,
Oracle, Informix, Interbase, and IBM DB/2. 

      With Spinnaker, database access is as easy as writing an SQL query, placing it into
your HTML file, and inserting script codes to display the results. Spinnaker's local SQL functions
give you SQL language access even to file-based tables like DBase and Paradox. 

      Spinnaker is based on the robust Borland Database Engine technology from Borland International.

      Get Started Fast with Built-In Applications
      Spinnaker is more than just powerful active server tools: it comes with ready-made Web
applications that you can use as-is, and application templates that you can use as the foundation
of a custom site. 

      Current applications include message conferencing, file libraries, user profiles and
security, and working templates for an online store, guest registry, and database-driven home

      Spinnaker is a Great Value
      At $249, Spinnaker is a great value because it's a complete package: a Web server, a
script language, active server features, database support, and ready-made applications, all
in one product. 

      Most other active server solutions require that you already have a Web server. Many
require that you purchase the expensive Windows NT server product from Microsoft. Spinnaker
doesn't require NT server (it can run under NT workstation or Windows 95) and it requires
no additional software to work. 

      To find out more about Spinnaker, click on the topics at left. You can also download
a free working Spinnaker Demo and try Spinnaker for yourself. 



(c) Copyright 2000 Searchlight Software, Inc. 
Full sail ahead at Spinnaker Networks
Apr 25, 2000 07:54 AM ET 

By Larry Seben, dbusiness.com 

PITTSBURGH, April 25 (dbusiness.com) -- Spinnaker Networks announced it has received first-round
venture capital funding of $20.4 million from two leading West Coast venture capital firms.

Formed in December 1999 by six former engineers from Fore Systems Inc., Spinnaker's first-round
funding is believed to be a record for the Pittsburgh region. 

"The technology under development at Spinnaker Networks is an essential component of the next
generation infrastructure for the delivery of digital services to the home and business, and
is in perfect alignment with our strategic vision," said John Jarve, Managing Director of
Menlo Ventures, one of Spinnaker's new investors. 

Menlo Ventures was founded in 1977, and has invested more than $700 million in more than 200

"We are very excited about working with Spinnaker Networks and tapping into the wealth of
talent available in the Pittsburgh region." 

Spinnaker is developing hardware and software for accelerating the delivery of data, voice
and video over computer networks. 

"The team at Spinnaker has a great vision with a solid product line in the works," said Kevin
Hall, managing partner at Norwest Venture Partners, Spinnaker's other investor. 

"Spinnaker is well-positioned to capture a leadership position in this field and we look forward
to working with them to bring this technology to market." 

Norwest Venture Partners is one of the oldest venture capital firms in the country. Since
starting operations in 1961, Norwest has invested over raised over $1 billion for investment
in over 300 companies. 

The amount being invested in the five-month old start-up is seen as an expression of confidence
in both the company and the region. 

Jack Roseman, director of the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program at Carnegie Mellon University,
noted that this transaction expanded the horizon for local entrepreneurs. "To my knowledge,
this is a record level of first-round funding for any start-up in this region," Roseman said.

"This investment is part of a positive trend where established technology companies are showing
a renewed interest in this region," said Spinnaker Networks CEO Ron Bianchini. "The existence
of several homegrown startups and increased investments from the West Coast, have established
an environment in which Spinnaker Networks can thrive." 

Spinnaker is currently on a hiring binge as it is trying quickly increase its engineering
and research staff to around 30 over the next several months.

Larry Seben covers the Pittsburgh region for dbusiness.com. E-mail him with story ideas or

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software is software developed in a collaborative manner by hundreds or more individuals.
Such software is noted for high degrees of reliability, rapid development, and low cost. Commercial
open source attempts to address traditional limitations of open source software - namely documentation,
usability, support, and other services. 
            Spinnaker Software's flagship product is News Clipper, a program for collecting,
formatting, and integrating dynamic content into web pages. 
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                                Discover why companies turn to us, and how we deliver turn-key
on-line business systems. 

                                Client News 

                                     Guardian Interlock Systems Corp. goes on-line in Quebec
and Sweden, others to follow. 
                                     Commonwealth Financial Services, captures North America/West
Africa money transfer market with on-line applications.  
                                     Spinnaker launches HostDirect.com, a Premier Website
Host provider.  

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