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From "Joe Polastre" <jpol...@apache.org>
Subject Re: What name?
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 21:46:24 GMT
From: "Brett McLaughlin" <brett.mclaughlin@lutris.com>
> I just think that the name "Xerces" carries with it some negative
> connotations for /some/ people. I'm not making this up, I swear ;-) I
> get mails about this a lot on JDOM and at Enhydra. Let's just avoid that
> - then when we make it Xerces 2 (if that is what happens), we can clear
> those all away, because people are confident in the newer "code name."

And some people are _uncomfortable_ with the "Spinnaker" name.  [I'm
personally a fan of the old software corporation, 'spinnaker', that made
quality games for systems like the commodore 64]  many other companies use
the word "spinnaker" [as noted by the 46,598 results at google, for
example].  why not choose something completely new and unoffensive =)
something unique.

In honor of the bazaar structure that so many people are touting, why are we
allowing one person to codename this branch?  shouldn't it be a group effort
here?  (yes, I read that James has offered to give up naming the new branch)

> OK, Joe Blow just joined us at IBM, can we get some +1s.

You are probably referring to me (my name is Joe, right?).  I had been
involved with the Xerces-C project for quite a while (assisted in porting it
to wince, other stuff last summer) and just happened to join IBM in late
may.  My contributions were noted in the CVS repository and I received 5
+1s, two or three of which were outside of IBM.  And trust me, I had to
fight with both Dirk and Brian to get my privs.

In the last 3 months, only 2 people that I know of from IBM Cupertino have
received commit privs.  Me on Xerces-C and Jordan on FOP.  And both of us
demonstrated our commitment to the projects as "individuals" [seems to be
the buzz word these days].  Furthermore, both of us are going back to the
world of academia in september, and both of us intend to continue
contributing to the apache project as students (non-IBM employees).  Heck,
who knows, I might actually decide to write some Java code too instead of
just C++! =)

I agree that the situation you describe *has* occurred, but you make it seem
commonplace... which I'm arguing that it is not.  Likewise, sun (or any
other corporate sponsor of the project) which has 3 committers can
essentially vote anyone else in.  And other committers, if warranted, could
have -1'd any IBM'ers that they didn't feel comfortable with in the project
due to lack of demonstrating commitment.

sorry, that's my rant for today...  feel free to flame... grrr...

(on behalf of myself)

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