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From "N. Sean Timm" <st...@mailgo.com>
Subject Re: [spinnaker] proposal: move spinnaker to xml-xerces/proposals/spinnaker
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2000 04:10:48 GMT
From: <rubys@us.ibm.com>
> So, let me start off another option:
> > 1) we forget about spinnaker
> No, lets just move it into xml-xerces/proposals/spinnaker.  This parallels
> jakarta-tomcat/proposals/catalina.
The difference being that Xerces has multiple language implementations where
Tomcat has only one.  I'd rather see it fall under
xml-xerces/java/proposals/spinnaker personally.  Any Java-based proposals
would therefore fall under xml-xerces/java/proposals/[codename] and allow
other language implementations the freedom to do the same (they could even
use the same code names if they wanted...as evil as that would be.  :)  )

> > 2) we create a new CVS branch under xml-xerces where Xerces2
> > should  reside
> -1.  This is not Xerces2, it is a proposal.  It has to fight for the right
> to exist based on merit.
> Also, a separate directory structure is preferred.  Branches are hard to
> merge; a separate directory can be used to track the changes.

I agree with Sam.  Not only that, but this isn't a branch.  It's a brand new
proposal.  It's a total rewrite (that might possibly borrow some code).
Right?  That's not what CVS branches are for...  Also, a branch has very
minimal exposure to those who aren't aware of it.  Nothing could kill a
proposal faster than making it completely inaccessible to those who weren't
involved when it was created (ie. give it a separate mailing list and code
branch) because I don't think these proposals should be featured on the
xml.apache.org site anywhere, so their only chance of exposure is within the
existing Xerces mailing list and code base.  (I hope I'm making sense...)
> > 3) in case, we create a xerces2-dev mail list
> Spinnaker-dev perhaps, but I prefer the convention of using [spinnaker] on
> the xercesj dev list, to maximize cross polination.
I, too, would rather see all communication occur on the xercesj dev list.
Please...*please* don't make me have to deal with another Apache mailing
list.  :)

- Sean T.

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