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From Shane_Curc...@lotus.com
Subject Re: requests-for-improvement
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2000 16:37:11 GMT
Interesting suggestions.  I agree, one of the next big areas for
improvement will be in simpler end-user tools for XML parsers and XSL
processors.  However I'd bet most of the groups at xml.apache.org are
focusing first on ensuring we have high quality, fully spec compliant,
robust and speedy parsers, processors, and other individual tools first;
work on various little end-user environment setup stuff may come later

We are open source as well, so if you'd like to propose patches to any of
the specific projects (eg., please feel free to propose forward them to any
of the *-dev@xml.apache.org lists.

Note: you might get better response with any XT/XP-specific questions over
at 4xt.org.

---- you "S. Champ" <s-champ@pacbell.net> wrote: ----
> a)  please add something like the following, eg: as a file named
"XSLT.bat" (w/
> equivalient for "sh"), to all relevant distributions within the domain of
> xml.apache.org
> set XSLT_CMD=xt

- Shane

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