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From Alessandro Bottoni <Alessandro.Bott...@think3.com>
Subject The Need for Speed [was: Cocoon performance]
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 12:57:19 GMT
[On 19/06/2000 Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:]

	It's entirely up to you to decide what functionality you need today
	you'll need in the future and plan your tecnology adoption plan by 

[Alessandro Bottoni]
Well, it looks like as Cocoon is THE tool of choice of the moment for
implementing a web production process that strictly separates content from
style and from logic. In other words, Cocoon seems to have been designed
with a large, complicated, heavy-trafficated web site in mind. At least at
the conceptual level, Cocoon lends itself to this demanding application in a
very natural way. 

So, I do not think there is room for a trade-off between performance and
features. Should I have to build up a small, simple web site, aimed to a
restricted audience, I would not even think to use XML and Cocoon: the
"normal" Apache and HTML would be more than enough.

I would rather think to use Cocoon for building a huge, complicated web site
that requires a development team consisting of several professionals with
different skills: content writers, web designers, programmers, multimedia
specialists, database designers and so on. Something like Amazon or Yahoo!.
I think it is quite unlikely that such an expensive web site would be
created for just a few readers. I would rather expect a large audience and a
heavy traffic on this site. A slow server would be a real problem in this
scenario (I do not think Cocoon1 is not SO slow, anyway...).

IMHO Cocoon2 is not just an improvement but a real need for the kind of user
that can be interested in XML technology. As usual, Stefano went before
critics and is already working on the right tool for the job, but I want to
encourage him (and the other people involved) anyway: we really need a
faster Cocoon.

Alessandro Bottoni (Alessandro.Bottoni@Think3.com)
Web Programmer @ Think3 inc. (www.think3.com)
I do not speak for think3 and they return the favour

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