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From Tobias Wahlström <tobias.wahlst...@pricerunner.se>
Subject Using own HTML parser with XSLT
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2000 09:53:42 GMT

I want to read a HTML file using my own HTML parser. The result of the
parser should be XSLT processed and then another layer of processing should
be applied  and then written to a file. I would also like to use the parer
to produce a DOM tree at some times.

The idea is that the HTML file -> XSLT -> own processing -> XML file should
be fast and not require an DOM tree to be built. The preferred way should be
to use some kind of event driven mechanism. The intention is that I want it
to be rather fast and not so memoty consuming.

Is this possible using Xalan (and Xerces)? 
Is the SAX interface DocumentHandler usable to accomplish this?
Might the precopiled stylesheets (StylesheetRoot) be used?

If the questions above are completly stupid but you understood the
background I wrote above - please tell me what I should know instead of
answering my questions ;-)

Best regards,
Tobias Walström
Developer @ pricerunner.com

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