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From Alistair Hopkins <alist...@berthengron.co.uk>
Subject RE: XML-HTML-XHTML-WML-VXML.........**ML
Date Thu, 08 Jun 2000 12:09:00 GMT
try cocoon at xml.apache.org

this is very powerful and very free, with a very mature publishing paradigm

At 01:57 PM 6/8/00 +0200, you wrote:
> >     I donot know is it the best place ask this question, sorry for any
> > inconvenienec with this  message.
>I'd say you have a pretty good hit here.
> >     Using XML the basic advantage we are getting is separation of
> > content from the presentation(hope I am right)? The problem with present
> > html is , it mixes the content and presentation, so we are going for
> > XML.  This reduces the risk of again writting our content in another
> > mark up like wml or vxml or another ML.
> >     My doubt is how we can in that generic manner can separate content
> > from the presentation? Is it possible to use the same content for smalll
> > screen mobile devices, desktop browsers and voice browsers?  What are
> > the challenges in doing this?
> >     I am intersted in knowing some or more details regarding all these
> > issues. Any info or discussion regarding this greately helpful.
>The most obvious way to do this is use XSL (XSLT) to extract and convert
>your XML to pretty much any other 'presentation' of the original XML data.
>Xalan will do this.
>You could also take a look at www.eplix.com which will, in time, have
>functionality related to what you ask. The website will be up shortly.
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Alistair Hopkins

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