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From "K.C. Jones" <kjo...@phoenix-pop.com>
Subject Re: DON'T OPEN!! Fw: Jokes
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 17:05:50 GMT
<sorry for the off-topic rant>

Read the McAfee or Symantec alerts on this one.  Normal 
virus scanning is not enough to detect or fix this one.

> The attachment is in BINARY format, and it uses
> Windows' Shell Scrap Object file. Windows hides
> the extemsion, so it APPEARS to be a text file on Windows.

The mind boggles.  What in the hell was MS thinking?  "Let's
not let users see the extension on this .SHS executable
file.  It'll only confuse them."  Yeah, that sounds like a
great idea.  I'm sure it's because customers demand that
powerful innovation.

Oi vey.  This one is "polymorphic" and I tripped on it when
it was lying on a shared disk not as an email attachment.
It'll worm its way through mapped drives and mIRC as well as
Outlook.  I powered off the second I saw some command
windows flash open -- so no damage was done.

All I can say is...   idiots.  They deserve worse than
they'll get.


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