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From "Jonathan Ellard" <...@newsgroups.fsnet.co.uk>
Subject Re: DON'T OPEN!! Fw: Jokes
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2000 18:07:21 GMT

From: "Michael P. Wilson"
> Uhmm... Maybe I missed something, but that was just a text file with a
> couple jokes in it.  I didn't see any VBScript or anything else that
> could possibly be a virus.
> Did the list software filter something out or has the virus panic
> attack finally taken hold?

Don't be a victim, it was for real alright.  I caught it from this list.
You may be referring to the fact that the file had a .txt.shs extension &
only the .txt part is visible on some configurations of Windows.  On
launching the file notepad gets opened with the 'jokes', but the real file
(.shs) is doing its stuff behind the scenes.   If you want the low-down on
the virus check out


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